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Our Vision For A New Building

New Church Building Update: 06.10.2017

As a church leadership, God has entrusted us to lead this church community, to make decisions about the spiritual direction of our church and also to be good wardens of the facilities that He has entrusted to us.


After praying together and seeking the Lord as a leadership, we have come to the conviction that we need to re-develop our building so it will enable us to better serve our community.


Specifically, the building will provide:

  • A large, fully accessible upstairs meeting room for the church, including a crèche facility.

  • Increased space and improved kitchen and coffee shop facilities

  • Increased storage space for the Vale Foodbank

  • An administrative base for ministries and compassion projects

  • A large downstairs space to accommodate Messy Church. 

    The large downstairs room will also be able to be partitioned into smaller rooms to allow us to run a number of existing and new projects, including: 

  • Children and youth ministries

  • The Vale foodbank

  • Baby Basics

  • The Big Wrap

  • Cardiff & Vale Concern (a Christian Counselling service)

  • Eat Well, Spend Less (budgeting and cookery course)

  • Money Life projects e.g. CAP money management

  • Energy Bank – advice on fuel poverty



We are seeking finance from the following two major funders:

  • Welsh Government Community Facilities grant: £250,000

  • People and Places grant funding: £500,000

We also believe the church community should be a part of financially contributing to this legacy.

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