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Youth Activities

The Gap is a youth group which is based at Coastlands Family church every Friday night.


The Gap runs from 6.00 - 7:30pm for 11-16 year olds, who mostly attend from the local estate.


The G.A.P (God Adopts People) fits in so well with our vision to make God’s love known to the young people in our area. We recognise that more often than not we are reaching a fatherless generation, so our mission is that through serving and loving the young people, they will in turn realise that Jesus loves them very much and longs to adopt them as his sons and daughters.  The evening consists of games and activities that are geared towards young people.


The evening then ends with the message of  God's truth and love for the lost.


Sunday Morning - POD

We also have a study group on Sunday mornings following the time of worship for young people (aged 12 plus) to discuss God and learn more about what it means to be a Christian.



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